Gender-Inclusive Facilitation Training MKP-Québec Virtual Facilitation Training Starts May 1, 2021

A special opportunity is available May 1 to 8 to learn and refine your facilitation skills. This Gender-Inclusive Facilitation Training (GIFT) is for anyone above the legal age who has or plans to have an empowerment circle where they will use these facilitation skills. You will learn some great processes for facilitating inner work – not just for Mankind Project (MKP) groups, but for other types of facilitation as well.

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MKP Canada Online PIT 2021 (Anglais 200$ Early Bird)

Do you want to recharge your I-Group?
Do you want to get more out of your I-Group?
Do you want to take on more leadership roles in your I-Group?
If you answered yes to any of these then the recently revised Primary Integration Training (PIT) is for you.

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Training offered to all men:

The New Warrior Training Adventure is just the beginning, the gateway to our community. Once this is done, you have access to several powerful training groups to help you become a better man, in balance with your environment.

Register to the next NWTA : ***All 2020 events canceled. Exact date to come***

Training offered to New Warriors (having completed AING):

STAFF NWTA : ***All 2020 events canceled. Exact date to come***

Previous trainings:

PIT : February 7 to 9, 2020

LT-1 : March 27 to 29, 2020

LT-2 : Autumn 2020

More training on MKP Connect :