A Way Home: Becoming Culturally Competent

Training offered to all (Initiated/Graduated or not)

November 12-13th 2021 – [Inscription ici]

If you were to realize that every relationship or interaction you have with another person is likely to be a multicultural relationship or interaction, what would you want to know about yourself, the other person, the society and the culture?

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Gender Inclusive Facilitation Training

Training offered to all (Initiated/Graduated or not)

January 2022 – Stay tune for more info here

A unique opportunity to learn and perfect your facilitation skills. This facilitation training is open to all genders and is for anyone over the legal age who is participating or planning to participate in a personal development circle where they will use these facilitation skills. You will learn powerful processes for facilitating inner work – not only for MKP groups, but for other types of facilitation as well.

Training offered to all men :

The New Warrior Initiation Adventure is just the beginning, the gateway to our community. Once you have done this, you have access to many powerful trainings to help you become a better man, in balance with his environment.

To participate in the next NWTA* weekend: May 2022 Stay tune for more info since this W-E is in prepartion.

Training offered to New Warriors (having completed the New Warrior Initiation Training):

STAFF AING : May 2022

LT-2 : January 2022

GIFT: January 2022

More info on MKP Connect :